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Multi-discipline Laboratory 1 commonly known as MD Lab 1 is one of the central facilities of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. The Faculty (as thus the MDLab1 ) has become part of an institution known as the University of Malaya Medical Centre or UMMC. Multi-discipline Laboratory 1 was planned for the teaching of Stage 1 pre-clinical disciplines of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. It serves various purposes which include wet and dry laboratory practicals, tutorials, self-directed learning stations, examinations as well as for tutorial and self learning.

It was planned to provide the students with a home base of operations of individual personal study and laboratory work area. Each student is equipped with a binocular compound microscope besides the usual laboratory paraphernalia.

At present the unit has 10 Labs in the New Building (Block D) at the 1st & 2nd floor used by the Medical Stage 1 Students. The ground floor houses the Students Computer Laboratory and the Anatomy Resource Center while the 3rd floor houses the Clinical Skills Laboratories.

In the old building (Block B & E), 6 labs are used for Dentistry Year 1 & 2 students, 4 Labs for Bio-Medical Science Year 1 & 2 students, Pharmacy Year 1 & 2 students use the other 4 labs and MLT students share labs with Bio-medical Science students


The unit of Multi Discipline Laboratories 1 (hereinafter refered to as MD Lab 1) was started in 1964, one year after the founding of the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Malaya. Ever since its formation, the Unit had been involved with the serving of the Preclinical Departments of the faculty.The Medical Year I in 1964 were made of 64 students, hence 4 laboratories were commissioned as a start of MD Lab 1 and every year that followed until 1968, saw the commissioning of 2 additional laboratories, as the student intakes were increased by 32 each year. In 1972, the MD Labs saw the first intake of 32 Dental Year 1 students and 2 more student laboratory facilities were accorded. At this time, all the laboratories in MD Lab 1 (totaling 10) were commissioned and functional, serving both the Medical and Dental Students.

In 1982, two wings of the MD Lab 1 were extended, resulting in the creation of 6 more laboratories in order to provide laboratory facilities in order to provide laboratory facilities for additional increase of Medical and Dental Students intakes

The MD Labs 1, since its inception, also looked after the laboratories facilities for the B.Sc (Biochemistry) for year 2 and 3 students. The Biochemistry laboratories were situated on the ground floor of the end of the eastern wing of the MD Lab 1. However this responsibility was relinquished in 1986 when it was decided to permanently shift these Biochemistry laboratories to another site in the campus.

In 1993, MD Lab 1 took up additional responsibilities in providing of laboratory facilities to the Biomedical Sciences and Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technology Programme and in 1995 to Pharmacy students.

Previous Unit Head

Wee Sian Lip

1964 -1975

R. Saminathan

Acting Head until 1983

Mohd. Ghazali bin Md. Isa

1983 – March 2000

Tong Ngin Hok

March 2000 2011

Thomas a/l Verghese

Mei 2011 – Nov 2017

Present Unit Head
Ew Cheng Lan Nov 2017 until Now
Academic Programme
Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has about 85 computers, services the students and other users in the Faculty of Medicine & University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC). The Computer Lab is also used for teaching students and staff in the Faculty of Medicine & UMMC on Information Technology and other related courses. All the computers in the lab are accessible to the internet and are linked to the printers on network. The lab is also used by the students for on-line registration for courses in the Faculty of Medicine.

The users of the computer lab are provided with access cards as the computer lab is secured with a security system together with CCTV and alarm system.

The MD Lab 1 views its mission as being charged with the responsibility in the provision of:

  • Facilities for home based of operations, safe and efficient working environment to students .
  • Best logistic support for all the practical classes .
  • Fully equip computer laboratory facilities for students .
  • Provide teaching facilities from control room to the student labs via Audio-Video Bi-directional system for Medical Stage 1 students .
  • Maintaining a close rapport with the academic departments that make use of the facilities and giving support services .

Student lab with audio-video bi-directional system

Discussion in the lab

Lecturer at microscope giving briefing on histology slide which can broadcast up to 10 laboratories using the audio-video bi-directional system in the control room

Students listening to briefing via system prior to viewing slides using their own microscopes & slide sets

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8.30 am to 11.45 pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

The Computer Lab occupies the Ground Floor of the new building (Block D) of the Faculty of Medicine.
Contact Tel: no. – Server Room Computer Lab : 79676633

Unit Activities

1 19.01.09 Workshop PowerLab
2 9-11 June 2009 Hands -on workshop on Basic SPSS Skllls  & using SPSS for Data Analysis In Medical Research
3 8-10 June 2009 Mycology workshop on Laboratory Methods 2009
4 11-Sep-09 Bengkel Latihan Pangkalan Data OVID
5 4-6 nov 2009 HIV Research- Basic Courses for Community
Future Plan
MD1 Future Plans

Submitted proposal to the faculty management to equip the 14 labs in Block B & Block E with Audio-Video Bi-directional System for teaching for the various disciplines for pre-clinical and para-clinical. Medical students overwhelmingly preferred the new mode used for conducting histology practicals using the Audio-Video Bi-directional system.

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