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The Department of Pharmacology is one of the foundation departments of the Faculty of Medicine which was established in the 1963. Originally dedicated to the training of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, the department over the years has expanded its teaching responsibilities to cover other healthcare related disciplines within and outside the Faculty of Medicine – like the undergraduate and postgraduate Dental programmes, Nursing diploma and degree programmes, Pharmacy undergraduate programmes and the Biomedicial Sciences programmes. For each programme, the over all objective is to produce graduate with knowledge, attitudes and skill appropriate to the particular profession and at a depth and scope which commensurate to the level of specialization as defined by the programmes.

In addition to the above, there also exists some speciality which are grouped according to research and teaching functions. These speciality consist of:

  • Cardiovascular & Smooth Muscle
  • Pharmacokinetics & Bioequivalence studies
  • Analytical and clinical pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Ethnopharmacology
  • Molecular pharmacology


The vision of Department, in view of the above, is to become a centre of excellence that provides leadership in Pharmacology education, training, research, development and related services to the Malaysian community in particular, and to mankind in general.


The Department’s mission at the undergraduate level is to contribute in the overall training of the medical house officer, through enriching him with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for rational drug prescription, so that he can fit effectively and efficiently, not only into the Malaysian national health care service system, but also into the international arena.


The department is one of the foundation academic departments of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. Together with the University Hospital, the Faculty (and, thus, the Department) has become part of an institution known as the University of Malaya Medical Centre or UMMC. The previous heads of the Department of Pharmacology includes Professor Chan Onn Leng, Professor Chan Kok Eu, Professor Philip Chang, Professor Yeoh Peng Nam, Datin Professor Zahurin Mohamed and perofessor Nor Azizan.

Bil   Name UM Email UMMC Email Contact
1   Professor Dr. Sim Si Mui   debrasim@um.edu.my   debrasim@ummc.edu.my  
2   Professor Datin Dr Zahurin Mohamed   zahurin@um.edu.my   zahurin@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 5724
5   Professor Dr. Mohd Rais Mustafa   rais@um.edu.my   raism@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 4952
6   Professor Dr. Nor Azizan Abdullah   norazizan@um.edu.my   azizan@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 5725
1   Associate Professor Dr. Zamri Chik   zamrichik@um.edu.my   zamrichik@um.edu.my 03-79674702/9
2   Asscociate. Professor Dr. Ivy Chung   ivychung@um.edu.my   ivychung@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 3199
3   Associate Professor  Dr. Wong Pooi Foong   wongpf@um.edu.my   pfwong@ummc.edu.my 03-7949 2069
4   Associate Professor Dr. Kiew Lik Voon   lvkiew@um.edu.my   lvkiew@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 7520
5   Assc. Prof Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mahdi Al-Shawsh   alshaweshmam@um.edu.my   03-7967 4950
6   Associate Professor Dr. Dharmani Devi Murugan  dharmani79@um.edu.my  dharmani@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 7566
Bil   Name UM Email UMMC Email Contact
1   Dr. Elsa Haniffah Mejia Mohamed   elsa@um.edu.my  elsa@ummc.edu.my 03- 7967 6634
2   Dr. Ajantha Sinniah   ajantha.sinniah@um.edu.my   03-7967 2932
3   Dr. Nur Lisa Zaharan  nurlisazaharan@um.edu.my  nurlisazaharan@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 6621
4   Dr.Tan Choo Hock   tanch@um.edu.my  tchook@ummc.edu.my  
5  Dr. Shamsul Mohd Zain    shamsul@um.edu.my   03-7967 2066
6  Dr. Zaridatul Aini Binti Ibrahim   zaridatulaini@um.edu.my  zaridatulaini@ummc.edu.my 03-7967 5727


Bil   Name UM Email UMMC Email Contact
1   Zalina Binti Razali   zalinarazali@um.edu.my   03- 7967 5723
1   Noor Shafila Binti Shafie  shafilashafie@um.edu.my   shafila@ummc.edu.my 03- 7967 4706
2   Raziyah Binti Abdul Malik  raziyah@um.edu.my   03- 7967 4706
3   Zulaikha Dahlia Binti Zainin  zulaikha_dahlia@um.edu.my   03- 7967 4706
1   Haslyna Binti Omar  haslyna@um.edu.my   haslyna@ummc.edu.my 03- 7967 4706
2   Abdul Halim Bin Mohamad  abdulhalim@um.edu.my   ahalim@ummc.edu.my 03- 7967 4711
1   Norsyazwana Binti Hasim  syazwana@um.edu.my   03- 7967 4703
1   Mohd Ridzuan Bin Sudin  jang@um.edu.my   03- 7967 6661
2   Umi Kalthum Binti Haron  umikalthum@um.edu.my   03- 7967 4711
3   Nasihah Sakinan Binti Ali  nasiha89@um.edu.my   03- 7967 4711


Academic Programme

List of Programme Offered in Department

The Department of Pharmacology contributes to the undergraduate medical and science programmes of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in the area of pharmacology teaching. The undergraduate programmes serviced by the department include :.

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  2. Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS)
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
  4. Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBiomedSc)
  5. Bachelor of Nursing Science

Modules offered by the Pharmacology department in the undergraduate degrees including:

Farmakologi Untuk Perubatan

    • DIA 2006 Farmakologi Untuk Pergigian
    • MIB 1006 Tindakan & Penemuan Ubat (Drug Action & Discovery)
    • MIB 2004 Farmakoterapi untuk Gangguan Respiratori dan Gastrousus (Pharmacotherapy
      for Gastrointestinal & Respiratory Disorders)
    • MIC 2004/ Prinsip-Prinsip Farmakologi Dan Toksikologi Umum
    • MBEB2105
    • MIC 3010/ Farmakologi Perubatan Lanjutan
    • MDEB4401
    • MID 1009 Sains Kejururawatan


The department runs the following postgraduate programmes:

  • Master of Medical Science
  • PHD


The department also contributes to the undergraduate/postgraduate programmes run by other Departments of the Medical Faculty as well as other faculties within the university in terms of provision of venue for training / technical expertise consultation. These programmes include:

  • Master of Science (Faculty of Science)
List of Research laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology , UM
  • Analytical and Clinical Pharmacology
  • Cell Biology and Drug Discovery Laboratory
  • Venom and Toxin Research Group (VTRG)
  • Renal Pharmacology and Drug Targeting Laboratory
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Integrative and Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory
  • The Nanotherapeutics Laboratory (NTL), Department of Pharmacology
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