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About Us

The Medical Humanities and Ethics Unit (MedHEU) was established on 4th August 2021 under the purview of the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine. The unit spearheads a shift in revolutionizing medicine and healthcare through the amalgamation of various disciplines and fields including history, philosophy, literature, creative arts, ethics as well as language and linguistics.

The establishment of MedHEU came about with dedication and interest of seven like- minded individuals, all hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and education. Under the direction of former Deputy Dean of Research, Prof Dr Ng Chirk Jenn and Chair of MedHEU, Assoc. Prof. Dr Julia Patrick Engkasan, a team of experts and professionals from the field of medicine and bioethics brought MedHEU to the forefront of Medical Humanities and Ethics and in becoming one of the pioneers and a premier hub in medical humanities and ethics in Malaysia as well as in the Southeast Asia region.

MedHEU stands to create and spread awareness of the principles and values of humanity and ethics amongst the students and healthcare professionals to create holistic, intuitive, and empathetic individuals.

The focus of areas within this unit lies in three (3) main domains:

  1. Education and Training
  2. Research and Innovation
  3. Societal Services

MedHEU stands to operate under four primary committees under the direction of the Dean, chair and a group of panel experts:-

Vision and Mission



To become the leader in the field of medical humanities and ethics through academic excellence and transformational research towards empowering healthcare professionals.

Please feel free to fill in this form if you are interested in the activities we do, here in MedHEU or wish to collaborate with us in the near future.

Our Team

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