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The Department of Biomedical Imaging (formerly Department of Radiology), is situated on the 2nd floor of the Main Tower Building of the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC). It was formed in 1964. This Department currently has a total of 300 staff which includes academic and non-academic staff and is continuing to grow

This homepage provides information about educational programs offered, technology available and patient care activities that are part of a modern diagnostic radiology department facing challenges in the new millennium.

To become a multifaceted Department of excellence in all four elements: clinical care, research, teaching and service to the University of Malaya and the radiology profession.

Our mission is to train the practitioners and the leaders of tomorrow and to advance the manner in which imaging and imaging sciences improve the human condition and continually reassess and improve all aspects of our practice.



The Department of Biomedical Imaging, formerly known as Department of Radiology, was set up under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Alton, a radiologist from Canada and it began operation at University Hospital in 1967. The Department was set-up with finance being provided under the Technical Assistance Programme of the Colombo Plan. The following were important landmarks in the establishment


Bil   Name Email Contact
1   Ybhg. Professor. Dato' Dr. Yang Faridah Binti Abdul Aziz    yangf@um.edu.my 03-7950 2840
2   Professor. Dr. Gnana Kumar A/L P Gnanasuntharam    gracieo@ummc.edu.my 03-7949  2069
3   Professor. Dr. John George    johng_rad@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052
4   Professor. Dr. Norlisah Binti Mohd Ramli    norlisah@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052
5   Professor. Dr. Ng Kwan Hoong    ngkh@um.edu.my 03-7949 2088
6   Professor. Dr. Kartini Binti Rahmat    katt_xr2000@um.edu.my 03-7949  2069
Bil Name Email Contact
1   Associate Prof. Dr. Khairul Azmi Bin Abd Kadir    khriazmi@um.edu.my 03-7949 2069
2   Associate Prof. Dr. Anushya A/P Vijayananthan    anushyav@um.edu.my 03-7949 2069
3   Associate Prof. Datin Dr. Ouzreiah Binti Nawawi    ouzrei_rad@um.edu.my 03-7949 2069
4   Associate Prof. Dr. Roziah Binti Muridan    roziahmu@um.edu.my 03-7949 2069
Bil   Name Email Contact
1   Dr. Azlan Bin Che Ahmad    azlanbme@um.edu.my 03- 7950 2094
2   Dr. Jeannie Wong Hsiu Ding    jeannie_wong80@um.edu.my 03-7949 3359
3   Dr. Yeong Chai Hong    chyeong@um.edu.my 03-7949 3364
4  test    
Bil Name Email Contact
1   MDr. Muhammad Shahrun Nizam Bin A Daman Huri    shahrun@um.edu.my 03-7950 2069
2   Dr. Tan Li Kuo    lktan@um.edu.my 03-7950 2069
3   Dr. Khadijah Binti Ramli    khadijahramli@um.edu.my 03-7950 2069
4   Dr. Norshazriman Sulaiman    shazri@um.edu.my 03-7949 2970
5   Dr. Farhana Binti Fadzli    farhana6@um.edu.my 03-7949 2091
6   Dr. Fadhli Bin Mohamed Sani    fms80@um.edu.my 03-7949 2970
7   Dr. Nur Adura Binti Yaakup    nayaakup@um.edu.my 03-7949 2091
8   Dr. Mohammad Nazri Bin Md Shah    nazrishah@um.edu.my 03-7950 2069
9   Dr. Raja Rizal Azman Bin Raja Aman    raja_rizal@um.edu.my 03-7950 2069
Bil Name Email Contact


Non Academic
Bil   Name Email Contact
1   Sujithara Devi A/P Murugan   suji86@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052
2   Muhd Zahuniza Bin Husain   zahu@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052
3   Khairil Aimran Bin Ahmad   khairilaimran@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052
4    Raja Rajeswary a/p K Ponnusamy   rajeswary@ummc.edu.my 03-7949 2052
5   Mohd Risham Bin Ramli   sr_400@um.edu.my 03-7949 2052


Academic Programme

Programs Offered:

Degree in Medical Imaging
Master of Radiology (Clinical Master)
Master of Medical Physics
More information about Postgraduate Programme click here.


The University of Malaya Research Imaging Centre (UMRIC) of the Department of Biomedical Imaging initiates all aspects of research which involves imaging procedures and facilitates research for those who require imaging services of the department. UMRIC also conducts research activities and monitors research activities of the Department members.


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