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Our vision is to be the Centre of Excellence for learning and quality research, providing support to the Faculty of Medicine in being a world-renowned center for innovative and quality healthcare, research and learning.


The mission of the Department, in line with that of the University of Malaya, is to advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and for humanity.

A Brief History

The Department of Biochemistry, founded in 1963, is one of the first departments established in the University of Malaya. For the following four decades since then, the Department of Biochemistry was the sole department at the University providing Biochemistry education for scores of doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare providers. Many hundreds of biochemists have come through this department, earning honours and higher degrees, and honing research skills to contribute further to the nation’s scientific aspirations. In 2002, a new name, Department of Molecular Medicine, was adopted when the Biomedical Science Unit, which runs the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (B.Biomed.Sc) degree programme at the Faculty of Medicine merged with the Department of Biochemistry. In January 2013, the Department of Molecular Medicine became an independent entity, separate from the Department of Biomedical Science.

At Present

The Department of Molecular Medicine is involved in the teaching of students enrolled for undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS) and Pharmacy (BPharm) as well as postgraduate degrees by coursework (as part of the Master’s program in various subspecialties of medicine registered at the Faculty of Medicine and other Faculties). We also offer postgraduate degree courses by research (MMedSc and PhD) and training to undergraduate students from our University and from other Colleges and Universities, who wish to undertake a short research project as part of their undergraduate course.

Postgraduate Masters and PhD students are registered with the University’s Academic Administration and Services Centre (AASC), but conduct full-time research at the Department, supervised by either one or more academic staff. Our facilities are always evolving to accommodate the latest innovations in research. Many of our members of staff are involved in collaborative research with those from clinical and other departments in the Faculty of Medicine, as well as other Faculties and other Universities. Apart from the many Malaysian postgraduate students who have passed this portal on their way to greater heights in their individual careers, foreign students from all over the world have also obtained their degrees here. At present, we have students from many parts of the world conducting research and learning side by side with their Malaysian counterparts.

The Department of Molecular Medicine continues to be a standard bearer for quality research and education, dedicated to upholding the fine traditions of the University and the Faculty of Medicine, as well as charting innovative to multi-disciplinary scientific and research progress towards achieving the vision of great academic excellence and intensified quality research that will be second to none. Since our inception, the Department has consistently been one of the top five highly-published departments in the Faculty.


Prof Dr. Sarni binti Mat Junit

Head of Department

Bil Salutation Name Email Phone
1 Professor Dr. Sarni Mat Junit sarni@um.edu.my 03-79474906
2 Professor Datuk Dr. Rohana Yusof rohana@um.edu.my 03-79674916
3 Professor Dr. Onn Haji Hashim onnhashim@um.edu.my 03-79674955
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azlina Abdul Aziz azlina_aziz@um.edu.my 03-79474915
5 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fung Shin Yee syfung@um.edu.my 03-79475745
6 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Puteri Shafinaz Akmar Abdul Rahman terisar@um.edu.my 03-79475743
7 Dr. Shatrah Othman shatraho@um.edu.my 03-79675742
8 Dr. Johari Mohd. Ali johari@um.edu.my 03-79675741
9 Dr. Thamil Selvee selvee@um.edu.my 03-79674719
10 Dr. Nurshamimi Nor Rashid nurshamimi@um.edu.my 03-79677549
11 Dr. Muhammad Fazril Mohd. Razif fazril.razif@um.edu.my 03-79675740
12 Dr. Tan Kae Yi kytan_kae@um.edu.my 03-79674953
13 Dr. Kong Kin Weng kongkm@um.edu.my 03-79674717
14 Dr. Jayakumar Rajarajeswaran jayakumar7979@um.edu.my 03-79674912
15 Dr. Chan Mun Chiang chanmunchiang@um.edu.my 03-79677875
16 Dr. Jaime Jacqueline A/p Jayapalan jaime_jacklyn@um.edu.my 03-79677876
Bil Salutation Name Email Phone
1 Mrs. Norazlina Abdul Aziz norazlina@um.edu.my 03-79674906
2 Mrs. Zuraini Zubir zurainiz@um.edu.my 03-79474713
3 Mrs. Azlila Yunus malila@um.edu.my 03-79674722
4 Mrs. Noor Faezah Paizan fareastxah@um.edu.my 03-79674954
5 Mrs. Nor Shiham Abd Rashid shiham88@um.edu.my 03-79674722
6 Mrs. Nur Latifah Ahmad Zaidi nurlatifah@um.edu.my 03-79474722
7 Mr. Joesima Hamid jbhamid@um.edu.my 03-79674954
8 Mrs. Noreena Mohd Nor noreena@um.edu.my 03-79674722
9 Mrs. Puziyah Baharom puzi@um.edu.my 03-79674722
10 Mr. Zainal Ismail yeop@um.edu.my 03-79674713
11 Mr. Zaini Lebar zainilebar@um.edu.my 03-79674713
Academic Programme
Undergraduate Programmes

The staff in the Department of Molecular Medicine are involved in the teaching of students enrolled for degrees in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and BSc (BPharm).

Current programmes serviced / courses provided by the Department:

  1. University of Malaya Medical Programme (UMMP)
  2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (DIA1003: Biochemistry)
  3. Bachelor in Pharmacy (MIB1003: Biochemistry)
  4. External Faculty Elective (GIM2001: Body and Your Health)
  5. Faculty of Medicine Internal Elective (MIX3001: Techniques in Molecular Medicine)

The department is not involved in the admission of students into the various undergraduate degree courses. For details regarding the admission into these degree courses, please visit the Academic Administration and Services Centre (AASC).

Postgraduate Programmes

The Department offers postgraduate degree courses by research (MMedSc and PhD). Both postgraduate degrees are by dissertation. The postgraduate programmes provide a comprehensive training in research on specific areas through exploration and experimentation. One or more supervisors are assigned to each student. The supervisor’s role is to assist the student to define the research topic and provide guidance in the development of the research project. On completion of the research, the candidate is required to submit a thesis on research findings for examination.

All admissions for the various postgraduate programmes are coordinated by the Academic Administration and Services Centre (AASC).


Research has always been the forte of the Department of Molecular Medicine. Established in 2002 from a merger between the long-standing Department of Biochemistry (formed in 1963) and the Biomedical Science Programme (launched in 1993), the Department currently has 16 academic staff who are all scientists working in diverse areas of research. Equally dedicated to support the research activities at the Department are the postdoctoral fellows, numerous postgraduate students and laboratory managers.

Listed below are the various laboratories and the respective Principal Investigators (PIs) in the Department of Molecular Medicine. Kindly refer to each Academic Staff’s UMEXPERT profile for further information on their research activities. Many of the projects described are carried out in collaboration with other researchers within the Faculty of Medicine.


  • Prof. Dr. Onn Haji Hashim 
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Puteri Shafinaz Akmar Abdul Rahman
  • Dr. Jaime Jacqueline a/p Jayapalan
  • Dr. Johari Mohd. Ali


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azlina Abdul Aziz


  • Prof. Datuk Dr. Rohana Yusof
  • Prof. Dr. Sarni Mat Junit


  • Dr. Shatrah Othman
  • Dr. Nurshamimi Nor Rashid


  • Dr. Kong Kin Weng
  • Dr. Tan Kae Yi
  • Dr. Jayakumar Rajarajeswaran


  • Dr. Thamil Selvee Ramasamy


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fung Shin Yee
  • Dr. Muhammad Fazril Razif
  • Dr. Chan Mun Chiang

The Department has specialised equipments that are available for use. Kindly contact the department’s Main Office (03-7967 4906) for further information.

Future Plan

The Department of Molecular Medicine aims to be the Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry which will provide leadership in activities for the education, training, research, development, and the provision of services in the domain of medicine, health, and research.

  • To improve the understanding and quality of Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry in Malaysia.
  • To provide trained human resources in biomedical science and industrial biochemistry at both the undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels (MMedSc and PhD) to fulfill the country’s demand for these skills to assist in the country’s economic development.
  • To provide basic practical and theoretical knowledge in Molecular Medicine and basic biochemistry for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and medical lab technology students.
  • To further knowledge in molecular medicine and biochemical science through research.
  • Technology development in molecular medicine, biochemistry and other related fields for our country’s economic development.
  • To train local researchers in order to facilitate the technology transfer process. To carry out research in molecular medicine and biochemistry based on local requirements related to various aspects in basic and applied biology, biotechnology, agriculture and medicine.
Last Updated: 02/05/2019