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Master of Rehabilitation Medicine [MRehabMed]

Rehabilitation Medicine is a clinical specialty encompassing the diagnosis, assessment and prognostication of recovery and function, as well as the management of patients with disabilities due to illness or injury. The main aim of rehabilitation management is to help disabled individuals achieve an optimal level of functional performance, therefore improving their quality of life. This management is best delivered in the form of an interdisciplinary approach consisting of collaborative team members, and includes rehabilitation physicians and various allied health professionals.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1. Rehabilitation physician who is competent in delivering person-centred and value-based care by applying evidence-based medical knowledge and clinical skills of problem solving, managing and coordinating care with a multidisciplinary team.
PEO 2. Rehabilitation physician who can demonstrate ethical conduct, professionalism, and commitment towards professional development and lifelong learning.
PEO 3. Rehabilitation physicians who can lead in the medical field and contribute to education, research and the promotion and improvement of health especially for persons with disabilities in the local, national and international settings.


Last Update: 19/06/2023