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Master of Sports Medicine Programme at University of Malaya was first introduced in 1997. This programme aims to produce graduates, who are highly skilled or experts in the work of prevention and treatment of sports injuries among those undergoing physical activity. This requirement is not just limited to professional athletes who compete at a high level, but it is also necessary to treat the amateur athlete and also for those who carry out recreational activities. The number of people active in sports is now growing with the increasing knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

This programme is a structured programme with specific course requirements, which must be met before a candidate is, bestowed a degree. This programme is fully accredited by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and the Ministry has also awarded scholarships or paid leave during their course. Currently, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, has 24 Sports Medicine Specialists in the field of Sports Medicine.

This programme is a four year postgraduate clinical programme, only offered in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. The programme is supervised by a team of experienced Sports Physicians/Sports Medicine Lecturers, guiding the Master of Sports Medicine students, achieving clinical skills required. This programme also emphasizes on evidence based medicine as well as a holistic approach in managing the Sports Medicine issues.

To become a Centre of Excellence in the field of Sports Medicine.

To become a premier Medical Centre that is world renowned and to provide excellent health care, education and research programmes delivered with efficiency, sensitivity and enthusiasm.

To produce Sports Physicians and Sports Medicine Specialists with a high level of knowledge, clinical competence, with an understanding of social responsibilities, function effectively and contribute to the national health system with high professional ethics and integrity.


Career Opportunity

  • As a Physician/Specialist in Sports Medicine and registered under the Malaysian National Specialist Registry.
  •  As a Medical Lecturer in Universities offering undergraduates, a Bachelor’s Degree in medical programmer or postgraduate Master of Sports Medicine.
  • Positions requiring experts in Sports Medicine knowledge and practice.
(1) Stage I in the first year of study comprising:

(a) Basic Sciences related to Sports Medicine and any other clinical discipline in relation to Sports Medicine; and

(b) assignments.

(2) Stage II in the second, third and fourth years of study comprising:

(a) advanced training and clinical postings in areas related to Sports Medicine including an elective posting or postings of the candidate's choice subject to the approval of the Department responsible for the candidate's programme of study;

(b) advanced training in areas of Sports Management, Ethics and Special Population;

(c) assignments;

(d) the keeping of a log book by the candidate to document tasks undertaken; and

(e) research

A non-Malaysian applicant whose degree is from a university or institution of higher learning where the medium of instruction for that degree is not the English language and where the applicant wishes to follow a programme shall be required:

  1. To obtain a score of 600 for a paper-based total (PBT); a score of 250 for a computer-based total (CBT) or a score of 100 for an internet-based total (IBT) for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); or
  2. To obtain a band of 6 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic).

(1) Entry qualifications

(a) The degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of the University or an equivalent medical qualification approved by the Senate; and

(b) At least one year of post-full registration clinical experience approved by the Senate.

(2) Other requirements

(a) Qualifies for registration as a medical practitioner under the Medical Act 1971 (Act 50) of Malaysia; and

(b) Satisfies the Department responsible for the candidate's programme of study in an Entrance Evaluation recognised by the Faculty.

Once a year in the month of June.
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