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Exhibition - From Darkness to Clarity: The Evolution of Medical Imaging Through Emeritus Prof. Dr. Ng Kwan Hoong's Innovations

Jun 07, 2023
12.00 AM - 12.00 AM

As part of the library contribution to the  community, TJ Danaraj Medical Library will be holding an exhibition titled “From Darkness to Clarity: The Evolution of Medical Imaging Through Emeritus Professor Dr. Ng Kwan Hoong's Innovations”. We are delighted to extend this exclusive invitation to you for an insightful exhibition honoring the exemplary contributions and legacy of Emeritus Professor Dr. Ng Kwan Hoong, a distinguished figure in the field of Biomedical Imaging who received Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award in 2018 and Merdeka Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement in 2020. He is also renowned for producing numerous and exceptional research papers particularly on medical imaging and many other cross disciplinary papers. Professor Ng is currently Emeritus Professor at the Department of Biomedical Imaging and has devoted his time to charity and humanitarian work.

The exhibition will take place from 7 June to 7 August at Wing A, TJ Danaraj Medical Library, Universiti Malaya.

We invite visitors from all backgrounds and affiliations and all general public to attend this exceptional exhibition for free of charge and witness the inspiring journey of medical imaging and artistic expression through the visionary work of Emeritus
Professor Dr Ng Kwan Hoong. COME AND VISIT US NOW!