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Research Interest Group (RIG) 

What is a Research Interest Group (RIG)?

A Research Interest Group (RIG) is a community of researchers of different expertise who share common research interests and come together to discuss and collaborate on research projects. RIGs are typically organized within leading academic institutions or research organizations.

The primary purpose of FOM-RIG is to foster project collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members and other groups in the faculty of medicine. The RIG platform will be a point of reference for the public and other institutions to connect with our team of experts who share similar interests and collaborate on new research projects.

Formalizing the existing research group in FOM into RIG will increase the visibility of the research work. The RIG will also raise awareness of the diverse research group in our faculty and attract attention to its work, which can help increase opportunities for funding, collaboration, and recognition.

Universiti Malaya Research Centre (UMCoR)

The Universiti Malaya Research Centre (UMCoR) is a University recognised RIG. The faculty of Medicine aims to support the current FOM-RIGs to foster and develop into Universiti Malaya Research Centre (UMCoR). UMCoR's mission is to facilitate and support research excellence, innovation, and impact. It provides services and facilities to support research and knowledge transfer, including grant applications, data management, and research impact analysis. UMCoR also serves as a hub for interdisciplinary and collaborative research initiatives within the University and with external partners. It supports the University's research priority areas, including sustainable development, health, social innovation, education, and advanced materials. UMCoR aims to advance knowledge and contribute to the development of Malaysia and the wider international community through impactful research.


  • Facilitating research excellence: UMCoR and RIGs can provide a supportive and stimulating environment for researchers to discuss and collaborate on research projects, which can lead to improved research outcomes and impact. 
  • Increasing group’s visibility: IUFOM representative will utilize the RIG to direct local, international and industrial partners to the registered RIG in the faculty.  
  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration: UMCoR and RIGs can bring together researchers from different disciplines to work on common research interests, which can lead to innovative and impactful research outcomes. 
  • Networking and career development: UMCoR and RIGs can provide opportunities for researchers to network and build relationships with other researchers, which can lead to future collaborations and career opportunities. 

Last Update: 26/02/2023