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Department of Primary
Care Medicine
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : +603-7949 2306/2802
Fax : +603-7957 7941


Vision and Mission

he vision of the department of Primary Care Medicine is to become an institution of excellence that provides leadership in activities for education, training, research and provision of service in the domain of primary care medicine.

The Mission of the Department are:

1.     To equip medical students at the undergraduate level basic knowledge and skills of primary care medicine so that they can operate in the national health care service system effectively and efficiently as a Medical Doctor
2.     To train doctors to become specialists in the field of Family Medicine at postgraduate level.
3.     To provide excellent clinical service and patient care at primary care level.
4.     To conduct primary care research with collaboration nationally and internationally.
5.     To provide Continuing Medical Education to doctor through various courses and conferences.


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