The Department is presently involved in a number of research activities funded by the University (University Malaya Research Grant, UMRG), Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) by Ministry Of Education and SciFund from Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). The main research areas in the department are endocrinology and neuroscience. Besides that, research on natural products and medicinal mushrooms are also actively running.

Research Facilities

The Department is equipped with facilities and equipment for routine laboratory procedures (including light microscopy, histochemistry and immunochemistry) through two central histology laboratories, a chemical room, an audiovisual/photography room and a well-equipped animal surgery suite for experimental animal research. In addition, individual researchers have their own laboratory facilities and are free to collaborate externally to carry out specialized work as necessary.

Department Research Interests

Please contact individual researchers listed below for more information:-
 Researcher  Contact e-mail  Research interests/ field
Normadiah M. Kassim
Factors regulating testicular descent.
Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on health.
Potential protective effects of natural products on health.
Junedah Sanusi
Role of supplements in injury and disease of neuromuscular system.
Effects of palm ViteE on fetal development.
Factors affecting development and maturation of motoneurones and muscles.
Murali D.K. Naidu Peripheral nerve regeneration
Brain repair.
Craniofacial morphometry.
Rosie Pamela David
Nerve-Muscle Development.
Effects of Mushroom on the Nervous system.
Wong Kah Hui Peripheral Nerve Regeneration and Repair.
Blood Nerve Barrier.
Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms.
Sheikh Muhammad Abu Bakar Comparison of macroscopic anatomy of vermiform appendix between normal appendix and inflamed appendix among Malaysian population and its significance.
Snehlata Prashant Samberkar Neuroprotective and Neuroregenerative effects of lignosus rhinocerotis on retinal ganglion cells.

Research Photo

Jabatan Anatomi
Medicinal mushroom.
Jabatan Anatomi
Rat on a walking track as a quantitative measurement of peripheral nerve regeneration.
Jabatan Anatomi
Sensory neurons in Dorsal root ganglion.
Jabatan Anatomi
Ribosomal protein in peripheral nerve.
Jabatan Anatomi
Entrapment of the median nerve by a muscular branch of the brachial artery: A case report Samberker et al. 2014 Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research,volume 2(3): 51-5
Jabatan Anatomi
Embryonic avian DRG