The department of Psychological Medicine was established in 1965, soon after the founding of the faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya in 1964. The department was then headed by Professor N.N.Wagner from the United State of America, a clinical psychologist. Professor Tan Eng Seong was the first Malaysian psychiatrist to head the department. In 1976, Associate Professor Teoh Jin Inn became the head of the department followed by Assosiate Professor Woon Tai Hwang in 1977, Associate Professor M. Subramaniam in 1991, P rofessor M. P. Deva in 1992 and Assosiate Pofessor Hussain Habil since 1998.The postgraduate trainningin psychological Medicine was launched in 1973 to address the shortage of psychiatrist in Malaysia. It was initially started as a two-year MPM (Masters in Psychological Medicine).


Vision and Mission

The vision of the Department, is to strive for excellence and provide leadership in education and trainning, research and development, information resource and the provision of services in psychological medicine and in all its subspecialities.

The Department views its mission at the Undergraduate level as being charged with the responsibility, via the medical undergraduate instructional programme, for the preparation of the potential graduate instructional programme,for the preparation of the potential graduate to operate as an effective, safe and well informed medical practitioner. To this aim the department facilitates the education of the undergraduate to be able to recognice and treat basic psychiatric conditions, to provide basic information and explanation to patients and the community and to understand and utilise referral mechanisms for more complicated psychiatric conditions.

The Department views its mission at the post-graduate level as being charged with the responsibilty, via its post-graduate training programs,to produce a specialist in psychiatry. A specialist who possesses clinical skills, a discerning mind and high ethical standard to manage psychiatrict problems,whether it may be simple or complex. A specialist with a keen interest in reearch and well versed in the different treatment modalities. And lastly,to produce a specialist with managerial skills to co-ordinate resources in the running of Psychiatric wards, rehabilitation and community service programmes in their future locality of practice.

The Department also considers its mission to share the knowledge gaine in its various activities, to provide a forum for discussion and to disseminate information to the staff of UMMC, the Medical Faculty, General Practitioners, other Psychiatrist, as well as other medical and health workers. This will be achieved in various ways including the conduct of short courses and workshops.

Head of Department

Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hatim Bin Sulaiman

Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hatim Bin Sulaiman
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
Tel: +603-7949 2068