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Prof Yvonne: Science Star in Nature

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Our very own Deputy Dean of Research Prof Yvonne Lim was recently featured in the renowned publication Nature as one of East Asia’s science stars for her lifelong work on Helminths within the Orang Asli community.

If you had the pleasure of attending Prof Yvonne’s inaugural lecture in May, you would have been treated a splendidly informative and entertaining talk on Prof Yvonne’s work. For over two decades, she has focused on the study of parasitic Helminth worms in indigenous tribes and has produced one of the most cited papers in immunology for 2016 which was published in Science. Currently, Prof Yvonne is studying Helminths as therapeutic agents.

On top of that, Prof Yvonne has also worked closely with the Orang Asli community to implement deworming programmes and help the community in many other ways as well.

Prof Yvonne is featured in Nature alongside many other notable scientists in the region. Read the full article here: Science Starts of East Asia

Last Updated: 14/11/2018