Future plan

The Department conducts consultancy services project basis.

Facilities at the Department of Pharmacy
The Department is equipped with state of the art tools and equipment for teaching, research and provide consultancy in the areas of biological and analytical chemistry, natural products and solid dosage forms.

Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant

The Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant of the Department of Pharmacy, is the first of its kind and capacity to in South East Asia, available in a teaching institution. Build and operated in accordance to cGMP, the customized equipment have a capacity to handle 20kg to 60kg batches sizes of ingredients and powders. The plant is capable of producing 70,000 tablets and 30,000 capsule per hour.

A complete range of equipment to carry tests In Process Quality Control (IPQC) and Quality Control (QC) of the products are also available.The Department has also laboratory scale equipment to do preliminary R&D formulation before scaling up to the industrial level at the Pilot Plant.

GPCR Screening Facilities 

The search for therapeutic agents acting via G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) has proved to be highly successful and it is estimated that over 55% of all modern drugs are targeted at GPCRs. It is expected this will continue to be a fertile area of pharmaceutical research. The staff and postgraduate students are actively involved in the search of potential receptor active constituents from natural products using competitive receptor binding techniques. The laboratory is equipped with TopCount NXT microplate reader, fluorescence microplate reader, FilterMate cell harvester, MultiProbe II automated liquid handling system, microplate washer and reagent dispensers, cell culture facility, chromatography facility, etc. Recent findings include identification several novel muscarinic receptor modulators and anti-methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus compounds.To complement this, the group is also involved in the design of novel systemic and oral polymeric delivery systems for therapeutic agents.