A Brief History

The University of Malaya is the oldest and premier university in Malaysia. Our roots began in Singapore (then part of the Federation of Malaya), when King Edward VII College of Medicine (founded in 1905) merged with Raffles College (founded in 1928) to form the University of Malaya in April 1949.


The rapid growth of the University resulted in two autonomous divisions being set up in 1959, one in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore. Subsequently, University of Malaya became independent of its Singapore counterpart and was established as a national University on the January 1st, 1962. Many of the nations’ leaders are alumni of the University. The Faculty of Medicine started in 1963 with its first intake of students in 1964, thus being one of the oldest faculties of the University.

The Department of Biochemistry, founded in 1963, is one of the first departments established in the University of Malaya. For the next four decades, the Department of Biochemistry was the sole department at the university providing Biochemistry education for scores of doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare providers.Many hundreds of biochemists have also come through this department, earning honours and higher degrees and honing research skills to contribute further to the nation’s scientific aspirations.


In 2002, a new name,Department of Molecular Medicine, was adopted when the Biomedical Science Unit,which  runs the Bachelor of BiomedicalScience (B.Biomed.Sc) degree programme at the Faculty of Medicine merged  with the Department of Biochemistry. In January 2013,the Department of Molecular Medicine became an  independent entity,  separating from the Department of Biomedical Science.


At Present

The Department of Molecular Medicine is involved in teaching of students enrolled for degrees in Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS) and Pharmacy (BPharm) as well as postgraduate degrees by course work (as part of Masters programs in the various subspecialties of medicine registered at the Faculty of Medicine and other Faculties).  We also offer postgraduate degree courses by research (MMedSc and PhD) and training to undergraduate students from our University and from other Colleges and Universities, who wish to undertake a short research project as part of their undergraduate course.



Postgraduate Masters and PhD students are registered with the University’s Institute of Graduate Studies (http://ips.um.edu.my), but conduct full-time research at the Department, supervised by either one or more academic staff. Our facilities are always evolving to accommodate the latest innovations in research. Many of our staff are involved in collaborative research with those from clinical and other departments in this Faculty as well as other Faculties and other Universities. Apart from the many Malaysian postgraduate students who have passed this portal on their way to greater heights in their individual careers, foreign students from all over the world have also obtained their degrees here. At present, we have students from many parts of the world conducting research and learning side by side with Malaysian counterparts.

The Department of Molecular Medicine continues to be a standard bearer for quality research and education, dedicated to upholding the fine traditions of the University and the Faculty of Medicine, as well as charting innovative to multi-disciplinary scientific and research progress towards achieving the vision of great academic excellence and intensified quality research that will be second to none. In July 2015, we were awarded the Certificate of Achievement for being the Department with the most ISI-cited publications/staff ratio at the Faculty of Medicine for 2014