Future Plan

Future Plan

The Department of Molecular Medicine is to be the centre of excellence for Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry which will provide leadership in activities for the education, training, research, development, and the provision of service in the domain of medicine, health, and research.


  • To improve the understanding and quality of Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry in Malaysia.
  • To provide trained human resources in biomedical science and industrial biochemistry at undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels (MMedSc and PhD) to fulfill the country’s demand for these skills to assist in the country’s economic development.
  • To provide basic practical and theoretical knowledge in Molecular Medicine and basic biochemistry for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and medical lab technology students.


  • To improve molecular medicine and biochemical science through research.
  • Technology development in molecular medicine, biochemistry and other related fields for our country’s economic development.
  • To train local researchers in order to facilitate the technology transfer process. To carry out research in molecular medicine and biochemistry based on local requirements related to various aspects in basic and applied biology, biotechnology, agriculture and medicine.