Teaching Facilities

Dissection Hall
This key facility run by the Department of Anatomy comprises a 2-level fully air-conditioned complex including student teaching area (for up to 250 students), dissection/ prosection preparation areas and a modern plastination laboratory annex.
Detailed dissection of a plastinated hand used for teaching
Multidisciplinary Laboratories
Histology practicals are conducted in 10 multidisciplinary laboratories housed in the MD I Complex at the Faculty of Medicine. Students have dedicated work areas in these laboratories with personal microscopes and in-house histology slide boxes with instruction from comprehensive practical manuals. An integrated multimedia/ use of audiovisual system has been implemented to offer centralised and simultaneous transmission of histology teaching to all labs.
Medical students at tutorial session in fully-equipped multi-disciplinary lab including microscope & histology facilities

Anatomy Resource Centre (ARC)

The Anatomy Resource Centre is a central resource facility built in 2001 for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Medical Faculty. The centre has been designed to highlight clinically relevant anatomy and stimulate active learning in students in a pleasant conducive environment. Features include potted/plastinated cadaveric specimens, posters, models, diagnostic images and clinical scenarios. Other highlights are multimedia activity stations with computers for reviewing anatomy software, monitors for videotapes and a small group teaching area. The ARC also plays a vital role in educating numerous public visitors about the importance of anatomy in clinical medicine.

Please fill up the form and send it through fax (03-79674724) or email . Call 03-79674735 for more inquiry.

Overview of Anatomy Resource Centre organised into human body-system modules with focal multimedia activity stations
Small-group teaching of clinical anatomy scenarios in Anatomy Resource Centre
Models depicting the Cardio-Respiratory System, the lifeline of the human body.
Peer-group and self-directed learning of Anatomy using computer & multimedia technology in the Anatomy Resource Centre