The Department is responsible for teaching Medical Parasitology to the 2nd year pre-clinical MBBS students.

With the rapid development in infrastructure and the introduction of new courses, the Department of Parasitology also contributes in teaching other courses at Diploma, Bachelor of Science and Master levels. Among the courses taught at the Diploma level are Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technologist. At the first degree level are the MBBS Phase II, Pharmacy and Biomedical Science courses. Courses at the postgraduate level include the Master in Pathology (MPath) and Master in Public Health (MPH). The Department has postgraduate students pursuing their Master by research and PhD courses.
Since this Department was established, it has produced many Master and PhD holders through research both locally and internationally. This Department has also been involved in offering consultation and teaching to Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP), Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia (KUIM), UiTM and Institute of Medical Research, Malaysia.

This Department is also a reference centre for parasitic diseases for government and private hospitals from around the country. We hope, one day this Department will be recognized as aNational Diagnostic Centre for Parasitic Infections.

The Department also provides services in detection of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts andGiardia spp. cysts in recreational and sewage treatment plants.

Changing and upgrading teaching and research methodologies have to be continuously implemented in the department in order to meet the various demands. In this context, the product and diagnostic analysis achieved would be the bench mark (gold standard) that is acceptable by the clients.

Head of Department

Prof Rohela

Department of Parasitology
Faculty of Medicine
03-7967 4746 (Office )