Multi-Discipline Laboratory

Multi-Discipline Laboratory

Multi-discipline Laboratory 1 commonly known as MD Lab1 is one of the central facilities of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. The Faculty (as thus the MDLab1) has become part of an institution known as the University of Malaya Medical Centre or UMMC. Multi-discipline Laboratory 1 was planned for the teaching of Stage 1 pre-clinical disciplines of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. It serves various purposes which include wet and dry laboratory practicals, tutorials, self-directed learning stations, examinations as well as for tutorial and self learning.

It was planned to provide the students with a home base of operations of individual personal study and laboratory work area. Each student is equipped with a binocular compound microscope besides the usual laboratory paraphernalia.

At present the unit has 10 Labs in the New Building (Block D) at the 1st & 2nd floor used by the Medical Stage 1 Students. The ground floor houses the Students Computer Laboratory and the Anatomy Resource Center while the 3rd floor houses the Clinical Skills Laboratories.

In the old building (Block B & E), 6 labs are used for Dentistry Year 1 & 2 students, 4 Labs for Bio-Medical Science Year 1 & 2 students, Pharmacy Year 1 & 2 students use the other 4 labs and MLT students share labs with Bio-medical Science students

Head of Unit

Thomas a/l Verghese
Science Officer
Multi Disciplinary Teaching Laboratory
(Multi-Discipline 1)
Faculty of Medicine
03-79674772 (Office )