Established as a separate unit in 2005, the Medical Biotechnology Laboratory (MBL) is located within the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. The laboratory comprises four major sections, the Proteomics facility, Genomics facility, Bioinformatics facility and a Clean Room. The laboratory, spanning over a 60,000 sq. ft area is designated as a centralised research facility housing the Faculty’s high technology and basic equipment for conducting researches.

In line with University of Malaya’s vision, MBL’s vision is to be a premier research laboratory, providing a well equipped laboratory for the advancement of medical biotechnological research at the Faculty of Medicine and in the University of Malaya

The main mission of MBL is to integrate collaboration for research excellence and to establish core facilities to meet the needs of advanced medical biotechnological research.

The prerequisites for MBL was previously supported by the National Biotechnology Directorate, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) for the facilities’ equipment, together with the basic laboratory inventories. At present MBL is fully supported by University of Malaya’s own grant.

As a centralised facility, MBL is made available for the researchers in University of Malaya and Malaysian scientists in the field of proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics and tissue culture. The main equipment provided are: MALDI MS, Tempo LC-MALDI, SELDI-ToF ProteinChip System, Biacore SPR, Real Time PCR, Multiplex ELISA System (BIOPLEX) and EttanDalt 2DE system. MBL also provide services for analysis of samples and serve as training centre for researchers in the respective areas.

Head of Department

Dr. Puteri Shafinaz Akmar Abdul Rahman

Head of Unit
Medical Biotechnology Laboratory
Faculty of Medicine
03-79674719/ 79677535 (Office )

terisar@um.edu.my | puteri@ummc.edu.my