Academic Programme

Academic Programme


Phase 1

• Seminar.
• CFCS (Community Family Case Studies).

Phase ll

• Bedside teaching.
• CFCS (Community Family Case Studies).

Phase lllA

• 8 weeks clinical postings at Hospital Tg Ampuan Rahimah, Klang.
• CFCS (Community Family Case Studies)
• Problem Base – Learning.
• Lecture, Seminar, Tutorial, Slides Teaching Session.
• 3rd MBBS Exams.

Phase lllB

• 6 weeks Clinical Posting based in University of Malaya Medical Centre.
• Problem – Base Learning.
• Lectures, Seminar, Tutorial, Problem Orientated Discussions.
• Final MBBS Exams.


The paediatric department of UMMC has been a popular destination for elective medical students from all over the world, including from local varsities. A structured teaching programme, myriad of clinical cases and research project mentoring are offered. However, the department can only accept clinical stage students (year 3 onwards) into the elective programmewhich usually lasts for 6-8 weeks.

For information please contact the department secretary for student affairs : Madam Noraishah Ab Rashid (03-7949 2732 ). Email:

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The Department of Paediatrics, University of Malaya began conducting post-graduate teaching, leading to the degree of Master of Paediatrics in 1988. In 1998, the course was merged with that of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia to form a conjoint training programme with common examinations. This merger allowed standardization of teaching syllabi and assessment tools. This ensors that general paediatricians graduating from any of this three leading medical schools in Malaysia conform to a regulated standard.

The 4-year Master of Paediatrics programme consists of three stages:

• Stage l (Year 1) includes training in basic clinical paediatrics, basic sciences and emergency paediatrics. Ample opportunities to develop procedural skills are available especially when on-call.

• Stage ll (Year 2 & 3) involves structured rotation in the various disciplines to develop well-rounded knowledge in paediatrics and child health. Trainees usually embark on their research project at this stage.

• Stage lll (Year 4) involves advanced training in paediatrics including the subspeciality of choice. Trainees are allowed short attachments in subspeciality units in other hospitals.

Submission of a thesis/research project report is required at this stage before being allowed to graduate.

Medical officers are allowed to apply for the Masters programme after serving one year of housemanship and two years of post-HO training.Those with MRCPCH (UK) Part 2A qualifications are exempted from the Master’s Part One examinations and can readily enroll into Stage ll of the training programme. Foreign doctors are allowed to enroll if they qualify for full registration with the Malaysian Medical Council as well as fulfill criteria stated above.

For more information, contact the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, University of Malaya or email or . Visiting doctors may also wish to undergo short training stints in a particular subspeciality.

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Paediatrics News:

Interested to join Master in Paediatrics? Please view the flyer.
Training fellowships are currently offered for:
• Paediatrics intensive care
• paediatrics oncology
• Paediatrics gastroenterology and hepatology
• Paediatrics Endocrinology

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