Research Projects Since 1996

NoNameResearch ProjectsYear
1.Dr Ng Soon PengThe Effectiveness of an Eyepad in the Treatment of Traumatic Corneal AbrasionsJun 1996
2.Dr Noraini bt NadiorNasopharyngeal Carcinoma : Ocular ManifestationsJun 1996
3.Dr Zainal Abidin bin Mohd YusufTreatment of Pterygium by Surgery Followed by Single Fraction Beta-Radiation A Review of 40 CasesJun 1996
4.Dr Loh Swee SengOcular Morbidity Due to 10/0 Monofilament Nylon Sutures in Cataract Wound ClosureJun 1996
5.Dr Mohd Nazri SulaimanA Study of Normal Cup-To-Disc Ratio of The Three Major Ethnic Groups (Malays, Chinese and Indians) in The University HospitalJun 1997
6.Dr Suresh Kumar VasudevanEffect of Flurbiprofen on The Maintenance of Pupillary Dilatation During Cataract Surgery in Patients with Pigmented IridesJun 1997
7.Dr Mohd Asri bin HaliliRefractive Changes After Pterygium Excision with Bare Sclera TechniqueJun 1997
8.Dr Ling Heng ChuanThe Effect of the Topical Anaesthetic Proparacaine in Enhancing the Mydriatic Effect of Tropicamide in Patients with Pigmented IridesDecember 1997
9.Dr Rita CL YongThe Postoperative Refractive Error After Implantation of A Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens – The Accuracy of Intraocular Lens Power Calculation in A Hospital PracticeDecember 1997
10.Dr Kong Vui YinEffects of General and Regional Anaesthesia on the Oculocardiac Reflex in Adult Patients Undergoing Cataract SurgeryJun 1998
11.Dr Ho Koh HauwFusional Amplitude in Three Different Ethnic Groups, Malay, Chinese and Indian and Between Emmetropia and MyopiaJun 1998
12.Dr Lee Fatt NamIntraocular Pressure Variation Following Retrobulbar Anaesthesia Among The Different Sexes, Age Groups and Ethnic Groups in MalaysiaJun 1998
13.Dr Chin Foong KiewEfficacy of Tropicamide Alone Compared to A Combination of Tropicamide and Phenylephrine in Dilating The Pupils of The Diabetics and The NondiabeticsDec 1998
14.Dr Ahmad Fauzi b. Mohd. SharifPost Cataract Extraction Ptosis Following Superior Rectus Bridle SutureJun 1999
15.Dr Janet Suit Fun, HoOptic Nerve Involvement and Visual Function Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients in MalaysiaJun 1999
16.Dr Choo May MayExtraocular Muscle Internal Reflectivity in Graves’ Disease Patients Before and After Radioiodine TherapyJun 1999
17.Dr Mimiwati bt ZahariOcular Biometry in The Subtypes of Primary Angle Closure GlaucomaJun 1999
18.Dr Margaret Soo Pui KuanOcular Manifestation of SLEJun 1999
19.Dr Kursiah Mohd RazaliEvaluation of Bacterial Contamination and Inhibition Capacity of Preservative Benzalkonium Chloride 0.02% in Dexamethasone Eye DropsDecember 2000
20.Dr Khairul Husnaini bt Mohd KhalidThe Anterior Chamber Angle in Different Racial Groups : A Gonioscopic StudyMay 2000
21.Dr Jamalia RahmatPrevalence of Dry Eye in University HospitalMay 2000
22.Dr Subash5-years review of trabeculectomyJun 2001
23.Dr Nurliza bt KhaliddinPenetration of Gutt Norfloxacin 0.3% and Gutt Ciprofloxacin 0.3% into the Human Aqueous Humor by Different Topical ApplicationsNovember 2001
24Dr Ulagantheran a/l ViswanathanClinical Profile, Complications, Management and Visual Outcome of Traumatic HyphaemaNovember 2001
25.Dr Adnan O JwdaBacterial Contamination of Goldmann Applanation Tonometer Prism During Ocular TonometryNovember 2001
26.Dr Juliana bt JalaluddinThe Effect of Topical 2.5% Phenylephrine Hyrochloride and 1% Tropicamide on Intraocular PressureMay 2002
27.Dr Shamala S GanesanSterility of Preservative Free Multidose Dispenser (Timo-Comod System)May 2002
28.Dr Azhar b ZainuddinLaser Peripheral Iridotomy : A Comparison Between Nd : YAG Laser Treatment and Sequential Laser TreatmentMay 2002
29.Dr Siow Yun ChingComparison of Lacrimal Function Tests in Evaluation of Patency of The Lacrimal Drainage SystemMay 2002
30.Dr Thevi a/p ThanigasalamVisual Outcome Following Ocular Penetrating InjuriesNovember 2002
31.Dr Tajunisah Begam bt Mohamed IqbalThe Diurnal Variation in Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma SuspectsMay 2003
32.Dr Fazilawati bt A QamaruddinPostoperative Astigmatism and Visual Recovery : Comparison of Single-Incision Phacoemulsification with Standard Extracapsular Cataract SurgeryMay 2003
33.Dr Lee Mun ToongThe Fundus Manifestations Among HIV Sero-Positive Patients Between Haart and Non-Haart Therapy GroupsNovember 2003
34.Dr Lim Eng HockUpper Eyelid Dimensions Among Malays, Chinese and Indians in MalaysiaNovember 2003
35.Dr. Sheena Mary AlexanderEarly Changes in Intraocular Pressure Following Panretinal PhotocoagualationMay 2004
36.Dr. Rohana bt TaharinOcular Hypotonic Effect Obtained with Digital Massage : A Comparison Between Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Non-Glaucomatous EyesMay 2004
37.Dr. Zurina bt Zainal AbidinRefractive Errors in Medical Students of University of Malaya with Particular Emphasis on MyopiaMay 2004
38.Dr Mohd Hassan @ Maung Maung WinScreening of Refractive Errors & Ocular Morbidity Among Primary School ChildrenNovember 2004
39.Dr Lim Yew LeongVariation of Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Thickness Measurements with Age Ethnicity by Scanning Laser Polarimetry in Normal Malaysian PopulationMay 2005