Despite busy with teaching schedule, the academic staff in the department also provide clinical services to the patients in the University Malaya Medical Centre and University Malaya Specialist Centre. The department has established itself in three main subspecialties:

• Gynaecology Oncology

This centre has also been known internationally for the care and treatment given to patients with gynaecological cancer. The results of treatment achieved are comparable to those of reputable centres overseas. The expertise and clinical material available can be further utilised to train others in the subspecialty of gynaecologic oncology locally, particularly now as the current economic situation made training in an overseas centres expensive.

• Foeto-Maternal

Similarly, in the area of obstetric ultrasound and feto-maternal medicine, there is adequate clinical material and expertise to provide for subspeciality training for this field for the country. Training locally would be more relevant to the disease conditions prevalent here, than sending the candidates to a foreign country at high expense. The Obstetrics Ultrasound Unit is one of the units in the department that provides various procedures, such as:

– Obstetric Ultrasound
– Gynaecology Ultrasound
– Invasive Prenatal Procedure

• Amniocentesis
• CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling)
• Cordocentesis

• Reproductive Endocrinology & Subfertility

This area has been recently undertaken with current accepted treatment modalities. The demand has far exceeded our expectations and thus, there is as yet an untapped wealth of research and knowledge to be obtained