No.ResearcherCurrent research project
1Prof. Dr Siti Zawiah Omar Principal investigatorRandomised parallel group: Open label, active controlled multi-center phase III trial of Patipilone (EPO906) versus Pegylated Liposomal doxorubicin(Doxil@Caelyx@In Taxane/Platinum Refractory/Resistant patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian, primary fallopian or primary peritoneal cancer
2Prof Dr Siti Zawiah Principal investigatorCirculating Angiogenic Factors and the risk of pre eclampsia in the Malaysian population
3Prof Dr Siti Zawiah Omar Principal investigatorSignificance of oxidase stress in pre-eclampsia patients
4Prof Dr Tan Peng Chiong Principal investigatorGamma-glutamytransferase, Alanine Transminase and Aspartate Transaminase: Utility in the screening, Diagnosis and evaluation of Gestational diabetes mellitus
5Prof Dr PC Tan Principal investigatorMetoclopramide vs Promethazine for hyperemesis gravidarum : a double blind randomized trial.
6Assoc Prof Lim Boon Kiong Principal investigatorA Phase IIIb, double blind, randomized controlled study to evaluate the Immunogenicity and safety of GSK Biologicals’ HPV – 16/18 VLP/ASO4 Vaccine Administered Intramuscularly. According to A 0,1,6 month schedule in healthy female subjects Age 18 -35 years
7Assoc. Prof.Lim Boon Kiong Principal investigatorA cross-sectional hospital-based epidemiological study on human papilloma virus (HPV) type distribution in adult women diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer (ICC) and/or cervical intraepithethilial neoplasia (CIN) II and/or CIN III in Malaysia
8Assoc. Prof Lim Boon Kiong Principal investigatorGenetics Factors which contribute to Inherited risk of Ovarian Cancer in Malaysian women
9Prof Madya Dr Noor Azmi Mat Adenan Principal investigatorThe prevalence and vertical transmission rates of parvovirus, cytomegalovirus, coxasackie virus, toxoplasma gondii, varicella virus and rubella virus in an unselected population of Malaysian births
10Prof Madya Dr Noor Azmi Principal investigatorProspective randomized trial comparing neoadjuvant chemotherapy (Cisplatin and 5_FU) followed with radical surgery and primary radical surgery alone, in the management of clinical stage 1B2 and 2A cervical cancer
11Prof Madya Dr Noor Azmi Mat Adenan Principal investigatorStudy on knowledge, use of contraception and opinion regarding related reproductive health issue in UMMC
12Prof Madya Dr Noor Azmi Mat Adenan Principal investigatorStudy on Prevalence, risk factors and outcome of backache during pregnancy in UMMC
13Dr Nuguelis Razali Principal investigatorA double blind randomized comparison of Carbetocin and Oxytocin in prevention of uterine atony following emergency caesaereanc section
14Dr Si Lay Khaing Principal investigatorThe pregnancy outcome of PCOS patients attending Reproductive clinic in UMMC
15Dr Si Lay Khaing Principal InvestigatorEctopic pregnancies in New Millennium: review cases in UMMC
16Dr Vallikkannu Narayanan Principal investigatorTransvaginal sonography of cervical length and Bishop score as predictors of successful induction of term labour : the effect of parity
17Dr Revathy Natesan Subramaniam Principal investigatorComparison of Cord blood lactate levels with Acid-base balance in the umbilical artery with respect to the prediction of perinatal outcome
18Dr Aizura Syafinaz Principal investigator3-hourly versus 6-hourly dinoprostone vaginal tablet for labour induction in term Nulliparas with unfavourable cervices: a double blind randomized placebo controlled trial
19Dr Zaharuddin bin Rahmat Principal investigatorProspective study on the prevalence of silent venous thromboembolism in patients with gynaecological malignancy undergoing major surgery
20Dr Asmah bte Mastor Principal investigatorCase-control study in determining the risk factors for the occurrence of Preterm birth in Malaysian Population
21Dr Mukhri bin Hamdan Principal investigatorTrial of GnRH analogue as an adjuvant treatment to uterine artery embolisation (UAE)
22Dr Siti Aishah Principal investigatorConcurrent vaginal djoprostone and oxytocin infusion vis oxytocin infusion for labour induction in term nulliparous of unfavourable cervix with pre-labour rupture of membranes : a randomised placebo controlled trial