Academic Programme

Bachelor of Nursing Science

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences Programme covers eight semesters and one special semester within 4 years and is specially designed to prepare nursing students with relevant knowledge, competencies and professionalism at undergraduate level.

The aim of this course is to produce nursing graduates with in-depth knowledge in nursing and medical sciences. Upon completion, graduates are expected to practice nursing knowledge critically and ethically by applying scientific nursing foundation in health care delivery.

Minimum 9 Semesters (4 years)
Maximum 12 Semesters (5 years)
Full time

September each year
The academic year consists of two semesters. Two are normal semesters and one special semester. Each normal semester consists of:
Lectures – 14 weeks
Vacation (During Mid Semester ) – 1 week
Examination – 3 weeks.
Meanwhile the special semester consists of 8 weeks of lectures and examination. Each student is given 3 weeks off within the 2 normal semesters.

Course offered is categorized under:
I. University Courses
II. Faculty Courses (Core and Electives)
Students are required to register and pass all courses. The courses will be conducted via lectures, tutorials, discussion and practical sessions in the University Malaya Medical Centre and other health organization.

AIslamic and Asian CivilisationEthnic Relations
AInformation SkillBasics of Entrepreneurship
Basic Medical Science IBasic Medical Science II
Nursing ProcessNursing Skills II
Nursing Skills IPharmacology & Handling of Medication
Effective Communication in NursingSociology in Nursing
Health PsychologyParasitology and Microbiology
Nursing Practice 1Nursing Practice II
English for Communication Program (ECP)English for Communication Program (ECP)
Basic Medical Science IIIBasic Medical Science IV
Primary Health Care & Public HealthFamily Health and Community Health Nursing I
Medical Nursing IMedical Nursing II
Surgical Nursing ISurgical Nursing II
Nursing ConceptsNursing Practice IV-
Nursing Practice IIIMoral and Ethics in Nursing Profession
Family Health & Community Health Nursing IIFamily Health and Community Health Nursing III
Obstetrics and Gynaecology NursingStatistics in Nursing Research
Paediatrics NursingMental Health Nursing
Critical Thinking in NursingCounselling Skills for Nurses
Nursing ResearchManagement and Leadership in Nursing
Nursing Practice VNursing Practice VI
Nursing Practice IIIInformation Technology in Nursing
Emergency, Intensive and Perioperative NursingTranscultural Nursing
Gerontology NursingTeaching Functions for Nurses
Management StrategiesProfessionalism and Legal Aspects in Nursing
Nursing Research Project-
Nursing Practice VIINursing Practice VIII
Internship I Internship II


Candidates for admission should have the following qualifications:


Obtained at least Grade B (NGMP 3.00) at Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) in the subjects: Biology, Chemistry/Physics and; Obtained at least Grade 6C at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) level in Mathematics/additional Mathematics subjects.


b) Matriculation Level

Obtained at least Grade B (NGMP 3.00) at Matriculation level in 2 of these subjects, Biology & Physics/Chemistry and; Obtained at least Grade 6C at SPM level in these 2 subjects Mathematics / Additional Mathematics.

The announcement for admission will be advertised in the local newspapers within Malaysia in end January/early February of each year. Application forms are also obtainable from the University of Malaya website (

Master of Nursing Science

Programme Structure

Overall the programme comprises forty four(44) credit hours.
The course within the programme, their credit rating and when they are studied are shown below


Semester 1Semester 2
CourseCredit HoursCourseCredit Hours
Health Assessment3Nursing Research I3
Medical Statistics3Issues & Trends in Nursing & Health Care3
Statistical Computing Module2Reflection in Nursing Practice3
Nursing Research II3Health Promotion3
Principles & Methods of Epidemiology2


Semester 1Semester 2
CourseCredit HoursCourseCredit Hours
Practicum in Nursing10Nursing Research Project II6
Nursing Research Project I3

Program Learning Outcome

At the end of this Program, student will be able to:

apply scientific nursing knowledge during assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care.
communicate efficiently as a leader and health care personal in the management of patient.
evaluate the relevant nursing concept critically.
apply critical thinking and problem solving skill in management of patient care.
demonstrate professionalism when providing nursing care with the code of ethic.
conduct clinical research to promote quality nursing practice.
demonstrate positive attitude towards life long learning.

Entry Requirements

Entry qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science with Honours or equivalent in nursing science;

An equivalent qualification approved by the Senate from time to time; and

Registered with Nursing Board of Malaysia; and
A post basic course of at least 6 months in duration or two years working experience in relevant field.


This program is offered once a year. Academic session commences in September.
Application can only be made at the time advertised.
Successful candidates will be awarded a Master of Nursing Science.

Programme Duration of Master of Nursing Science

The Master of Nursing Science programme is a two year full time programme. Each academic year consists of two semesters. The minimum duration of study is 4 semesters and the maximum duration of study is 8 semesters.


Currently ten students are undertaking the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing and two students completing her Master by research (MMedSc) in the areas of critical care, paediatrics, neurosurgery, nephrology and management.